Olympic Event - Level 10 mob pulling

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Olympic Event - Level 10 mob pulling

Post  Yllnath on Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:26 am

This will be a team effort game, played by pairs of two people. Everyone will have to make a level 10 alt character. This can be any class and can have any skill and gear.
The idea of the game is very much like the game "Tug of War". Instead of a rope, the players at each end will be trying to pull Wicked Parasol, the boss of Alpen.
Goal: The Wicked Parasol has to be right in front of your party, at your party location for 10 seconds straight.

As you can see on the picture, both teams will have a base. An official will also be at that spot. Both the team and the boss monster needs to be in the base for 10 seconds. You can freely walk outside of the base, of course, to get the boss, but the countdown only starts when you have the monsters aggro and are in your own base.


There will be no exception to the level 10 character level. If you can get an awesome skill at level 11, too bad.
The team that kills the boss monster will be disqualified. You can have as much time as you want to train on the monster, to get the maximum damage output, but without killing the boss too fast.
You can use any class, tank, healer, DD mage, archer, etc. If you think a ranged class is better, get a ranged class. If you think a tank is better, get a tank.
If one of the characters in a team die, that person can just revive on the spot, without intervention. Just beware, if you die, your aggro is gone. So try to stay alive. Use pots or make your team mate a healer.
The teams can NOT be SMed with each other. Use of SM buffs and SM heals is strictly prohibited.
Use of any outside buffs is strictly prohibited. Only use the buffs you can get in your own team.
Any skills can be used.
These rules may change without notice, for example if we discover that the use of a certain skill will always grant victory (although I really can't think of any).

This game will done in a tournament kind of way, but before I can make a battle roster, I need teams to actually sign up to me for this particular mini game.
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