Olympic Event - Capture the flag

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Olympic Event - Capture the flag

Post  Yllnath on Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:42 am

The game I'm least sure about how to run it exactly and I'm open to suggestions.
This will be a 1 vs 1 match system, and like the Level 10 mob pull mini game, it will be a tournament and you need to sign up, up front.
Both players will be assigned a base where the flag they capture needs to arrive. The "Flag" will be played by an official.

The game will proceed as following. Neither player knows where the flag is. The play area will be kept relatively small, but large enough to have to look for the flag. Once you see the flag, give it a trade request. The request will be turned down, however, the flag will put himself on follow mode. NOTE: I will ask the player playing the flag to set video options to a level that a person that wants to capture the flag actually has to walk up to the flag closely. or the flag will not see you and be able to follow you.
When the flag is on follow mode, he will say that he is in normal chat (not where he is).
When the other player then sents a trade request to the flag, he will cancel follow mode, quickly change channel, move to a random location on the map, and change channel back. The first person to completely and stealthily move the flag back to his or her base wins.
Use of vehicles is allowed if both players have one. If not, vehicles are not allowed.
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