Olympic Event - Pro mob gathering

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Olympic Event - Pro mob gathering

Post  Yllnath on Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:51 am

Show your skill as the ultimate mob puller.
The idea is simple:
Chose any location you want with a lot of mobs.
Pull as many mobs as you possible can without losing them.
Once you think you can't pull anymore mobs, sit down.
Once you sit down, a timer starts for 10 seconds.
After 10 seconds, two officials will start by pulling of the monsters one by one carefully to count how many monsters you were able to gather.
The person with the highest monster count after everyone participated wins.

- If you die from the monsters, you lose. So even if you think you could get the highest monster count in Remains of Debris in Fireway Forest, if you can't survive there for 10 seconds + the amount of time needed to pull of all the monsters 1 by 1, don't pick that location. You have to be sitting down, so no use of skills; use of pots is also not allowed; tanks in particular will also be asked to remove their gear until their def is of a more reasonable standard to match with others.
- You can use anything to pull monsters. I heard theory's that when you poison or bleed a monster, it will follow you a bigger distance before returning back to his starting position when you go out of range. However, a dead mob is a dead mob. If after 10 seconds, the monster died, it will not be counted naturally.
- You can use any map and use any monster groups. Feel free to train on this event beforehand to find the biggest group you can find and survive.
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