Olympic Event - Kill Parcours

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Olympic Event - Kill Parcours

Post  Yllnath on Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:57 am

Very simple. When you feel like playing, officials will go stand near some bosses over the first 3 maps of the game.
It doesn't matter how you get to these bosses or in what order, as long as you kill them all.
The bosses are:
Wicked Parasol, Alpen
Viologer, Rein River
Mapstalker, Rein River
WikiBlow, Silaris
Third Garned Brother, Silaris

A stopwatch will be used from the start moment to time how fast you can complete the parcours and it will be stopped after the last boss dies and the player then returns to the starting position.

SM summons, return and recall scrolls and the use of vehicles are prohibited. Return scrolls and using the teleporting crystals is allowed.
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