Olympic Event - The LR game

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Olympic Event - The LR game

Post  Yllnath on Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:50 am

Everyone will sit in a circle like in the picture. Look at it as if everyone in that circle is facing towards the center of the circle. Left to 1 is 2 and left to 2 is 3. Right to 1 is 7 and right to 7 is 6, etc.
The game is played like this. A random player starts and says either L or R. L standing for Left, R standing for Right. This means that depending on what he said, the player left or right to him is now the next person to decide to make the order go left or right again.

Let me demonstrate at the hand of the drawing.
1 > L
Left to 1 is 2, it's his turn now.
2 > L
Left to 2 is 3, it's his turn now.
3 > R
Right to 3 is 2 again, it's his turn again.
2 > L
Left to 2 is 3, it's his turn now.
3 > L
Left to 3 is 4, it's his turn now.

This game should be played very fast in order to make sure it stays challenging.
The following rules are in place.
If you think it's your turn because you misread or something and speak out of turn, you lose and sit out the rest of the round.
If it is your turn, but you wait longer than 3 seconds for whatever reason, you lose too.

When there are only 2 players left, a stand-in player joins the circle until one of the remaining 2 lose as well. The stand-in player can neither win or lose anymore.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask them.
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