Olympic Event - Race through Alpen

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Olympic Event - Race through Alpen

Post  Yllnath on Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:58 am

Very simple. There will be a starting point, which will also be the finish. There will be a few checkpoints set-up throughout Alpen. At these checkpoints, there will be voluntary players that you must trade, and they will give you 1 random item, yet to be decided. Doesn't matter in what order or by which path you go to those checkpoints, as long as you pass all checkpoints and collect their items.

The first one to reach the finish wins, unless that person misses one of the checkpoint tokens.

In order to make things go as fair as possible, the race will be ran one by one, to make sure persons don't lose out because a checkpoint was too busy accepting trade requests. An official will also run along side the contestant to make sure there is no cheating.
Everyone will get the buff Wind Walk from the buffslave Sedahlia. Any other buffs or the use of a vehicle is prohibited.
The checkpoints will be placed in such a way that it's the one who plans ahead their route has the most chance of winning. The checkpoints locations will be revealed shortly.
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